Teaching Experience

Introduction to International Politics (undergraduate, lower division) 2012

Global Environmental Governance (undergraduate, upper division) 2011

Introduction to Comparative Politics (undergraduate, lower division) 2011

Political Economy of Development (graduate) 2010

Political Economy (graduate) 2009

Comparative Politics (undergraduate, upper division) 2008, 2010

International Political Economy (undergraduate, upper division) 2008, 2009, 2010

Introduction to Comparative Politics (undergraduate, lower division) 2008

Foundations of International Relations (undergraduate, lower division) 2007

Insurgency and Terrorism (undergraduate, upper division) 2005, 2007

Student Mentoring/Supervision

Undergraduate Honors Theses/Independent Studies

• Anna Swanson, “School Feeding Programs in Cape Town: A Key to Community Engagement and Sustainable Development?” (Honor’s thesis proposal, College of William & Mary), 2012.

• Catherine Mahoney, “Food Security and Fisheries in the Great Lakes Region of Africa” (College of William & Mary, with Sarah M. Glaser), 2012.

• Jennifer Williams, “External Financing and Extremist Group Viability: A Human Capital Perspective on Egypt’s Al-Gama’a and Islamic Jihad,” (recipient, Undergraduate Research Fellowship, University of North Texas), 2009.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

• Alyssa Luisi, “Spatial Dimensions of Social Conflict in Africa” (undergraduate GIS technician, College of William & Mary).

• Colleen Devlin, Sandhya Ramakrishnan, and Thomas Willing, “Social Conflict in the Middle East” (undergraduate coders on DoD-funded data collection project, College of William & Mary).

• Jennifer Williams, “Social Conflict in Africa” (undergraduate coder on DoD-funded data collection project, University of North Texas).

• Tiffany Randall, “Agricultural Protest in the European Union” (undergraduate coder for pilot project on agriculture-related protests in the European Union, University of North Texas).

Graduate PhD Committee: Joon-Han Yoon, Ecological Sustainability and Peace (defended 4/22/10).

MA Committees: Thu Phan, “Do Public Health and Education Outcomes Vary Under Different Regime Types of Aid-Recipient Nations?” (defended August 2009, University of North Texas), Bradley Clark, “Discovery of Resources and Conflict in the Interstate System, 1816-2001,” (defended October 2009, University of North Texas).


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