Questions about my IPE class

I’ve gotten a few emails recently from students that are considering taking my IPE class in the fall. International Political Economy is one of my favorite courses. Unlike a lot of the stuff I do related to conflict and development, the IPE course touches on subjects that affect my students’ lives on a daily basis. Here are a couple of responses to the most common questions I get:

1. What are the prerequisites?

PSCI 1040 and PSCI 1050 are the nominal prerequisites for the IPE course. Of course, both are requirements for earning a degree in the state of Texas, so these shouldn’t be a considerable stumbling block to your taking the course.

That said, people who have taken courses in international economics (i.e., trade, finance) or international relations more broadly defined (such as PSCI 3810) will have a leg up at the outset. Not to worry, however: the course is designed so that no previous experience with economics is required.

2. Is there a lot of math?

Lots of folks think math and economics are synonymous. While economics can certainly get technical, this course will be largely free of math. You may have to do some simple multiplication and division.

3. What if I don’t (think I) understand economics?

Don’t worry: I was in your shoes as an undergrad. I didn’t think I was math- or econ-savvy at all. You can do this. And once you do, you’ll find the world a much more interesting/maddening/enlightening/frustrating place because of it.